Brewed by the Locher family at the foot of the Swiss Alps using only the purest water.

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Dolium Kegs

Our 1936 draft lager is brewed with the softest water sourced within the Swiss Alps. This golden lager obtains its refreshing taste from beautiful Swiss hops & pilsner malt. 1936 is a ultra clean, crisp, fresh lager with a slight sweetness.

Type of beer: Lager Alcohol content: 4.7% Colour: Golden Malt: Pilsner Hops: Stammheim & Hallertau Overall impression: Ultra clean, crisp & fresh Drinking temperature: 4-6°C Since: 2012

Available in; 30ltr Dolium® kegs / Industry standard Sanky connector. / We recommended 60/40 - CO2/Nitrogen mixed gas.

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Dolium® one-way PET kegs are 100% recyclable. The environmental impact of Dolium® kegs when compared to stainless steel kegs is much lower, for more information please visit: